Brendan Singue is an aspiring Human Resource Generalist from South West Sydney.

Brendan was born and raised in Australia in the beautiful City of Liverpool which is the heartland multicultural Australia and believes that one day South West Sydney will be play a vital role in the Australian Economy.

Brendan grew up with a diverse group of people with different cultures and backgrounds. He understood the stories of different people and how they came to Australia and how proud they were about their roots.

Brendan was never the smartest kid growing up and at best he was an average student.

In 2014, it was the HSC for Brendan and he was not ready to make a career decision at such a young age.

Looking for role models for guidance, he saw some of his family members who were already accountants and earning a good salary and job security.

Seeing the success of his relatives, he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie University Majoring in Accounting and worked very hard in his HSC Year.

Through hard work and a strong belief in his abilities, Brendan managed to receive a decent ATAR of 77.45 that was enough for him to get an early offer from Macquarie University.

Considering Brendan was an average student with that was getting 60-70% in all subjects prior to Year 12, this was massive achievement for Brendan and a special milestone in his life.

Proud to enter a prestige education system at Macquarie University which is renowned for their specialisation in business and creating young leaders of tomorrow. Brendan found a home in Macquarie University.

However in 2015 after one year of Tertiary Education, Brendan was burned out and was struggling mentally.

He was failing subjects and he unable to achieve the same success he did in his HSC Year.

Ashamed about his failures, he did not want to tell his family that he was struggling and continued on his journey hoping things can change for the better.

In 2016, Brendan decided Accounting was not for him and pursue a Major in Marketing.

However with a negative mindset and having previously failed in Accounting, Brendan was behind and all his friends were getting internships and jobs and Brendan felt he was behind was unable to catch up.

At the end of 2016, Brendan also failed Marketing and was given a warning from Macquarie University that if he does not perform better, he was at risk of not getting his degree.

Brendan fell into a deep depression and was considering to drop out of University.

This affected everything, he put on 25kg in two years and he was unmotivated and didn’t have a life purpose anymore.

In 2017 Brendan took time off and decided to travel to Europe with close friends with the support of his family and friends.

Travelling to foreign lands and understanding the history of different countries with great wars and struggles, triggered Brendan that even though we all might have a dark history we should always understand our past in order to learn and grow and use these struggle to become stronger and hope for a better future.

After experiencing different cultures and countries, Brendan and his friends were lucky enough to get tickets to go to Tomorrowland Belgium.

Brendan forgot to bring his Australian flag and he was disappointed and lost.

People were saying ” Nio Hao” or “Kon’nichiwa” because of his Asian Appearance but Brendan knew that he was Australian and his appearance does not reflect his identity.

However life gave Brendan hope and he was fortunate to find an Australian flag after a drunk New Zealander threw the Australian flag on the ground, kicked it and even gave the middle finger to it.

After that idiot disrespected the flag, Brendan quickly ran to the flag and found comfort with the Australian flag and was proud to represent Australia.

Immediatly people around the world was saying positive things to Brendan.

” Australia is the best country” – German

” Very nice people ” – Singaporean

“2006 World Cup Socceroos moment” – Italian

“Clean and beautiful ” – American

It was amazing what the world thought about Australia and this gave the inspiration for Brendan to contribute to society and represent Australia and this allowed him to focus truly on himself and understand who he was and his roots.

Realising he was a people’s person and having great empathy, Brendan decided to finally pursue Human Resources and has not looked back since.

In 2018, Brendan knew it was a “do or die” moment in his life and if he failed once more he would give up on University and work in Retail.

2018 was a great year for Brendan and he finally found his passion in doing Human Resources.

He hopes to inspire the next generation of students that it does not matter how you start, it is how you finish that is important in life.

This is why mental health is important and it can influences decision making.

Brendan hopes that his story can help others struggling at High School and University and this can bring some inspiration and belief that they can overcome setbacks and find out who they are truly are.