BEFRESHAUS is a movement for people wanting to change for the better and take action in their lives to gain positive results through hard work and dedication.

BEFRESHAUS embraces failure as a vital experience for growth and through those experiences we can grow forward.

BEFRESHAUS is a major supporter of mental and physical well being which is critical to a person’s health and the aim of this organisation is to build awareness for people’s struggles and how to overcome them.

BEFRESHAUS encourages people to take the first step towards recovery through activities that promote mental and physical health. This will lead to personal growth and a step closer to recovery.


What does BEFRESHAUS do?

  • Help people achieve goals and change for the better.
  • Help give people confidences in their ability and build something bigger for the future.
  • Helps people understand that time is not important as long as the destination is known.
  • Being happy with the choices and growing forward.